CarlaConsult is a small marketing and sales consultancy, specialising in the support of manufacturers of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The clear goal: INCREASE REVENUE FOR OUR PRINCIPLES AND SERVICE TO THEIR CUSTOMERS.
Based on more then 30 years of experience, we can provide sales and marketing services throughout the European community, and support the promotion of products or services at end-user and distribution level.
Specific target groups are actively approached by means of the following tools:
    • Telephone and e-mail contact
    • Direct mails shots including follow-up
    • Personal visits
    • Training of distributor sales teams
    • Supporting and motivation of distributors
    • Training of users
Manufacturers can further be supported by market intelligence, obtaining approvals, product development and developing technical and sales/marketing documentation. Compensation of our services is individually shaped.
The clear benefits for our principles:
    • Experienced representation
    • Self financing
    • Lower costs and risks compared to employed staff
CarlaConsult will not represent competing manufacturers.